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Initially buried, organic, to the rhythm of the being who does not yet know how to really be, these inner notes have been written for the past twenty years or so. Then came a turning point, ever so slowly, towards others and towards the light… as imperceptible as the growing of trees, pushed inward by the irrepressible rise of their sap.

Chuintements  /  Lents Roulis  /  Sèves et Veines  /

Tout ce Bleu  /  Autres Eaux  /  Pleins Replis  /

Or Âcre  /  Né(e) /  À mains nues (ou Carnet du Désenfouissement)

Form the 9 moments of this journal, like 9 months, a birth…


To date, only the first three have been published, with the care of Frédéric Jaffrenou and his publishing company, Isolato. They are gathered in a single volume.

In 2019, Isolato Publishing will be publishing the last volume of this journal, À mains nues. Publishers interested in other volumes, take notice !

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Here I am

patiently waiting

so I finally deign

to see myself

– Sometimes

feeling my presence

ever so close



To stop thinking

in terms of ending

to unveil the delights

of inception




on the thin thread

of my truth

I swing


my nothingness



Traduction par La Plume de Méli

Anne Lauricella - Traduction de poésie - La Plume de Poésie